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What makes Unknotted Assistant different from all the other marketplaces?

We at Unknotted Assistant value your time which is why we created our service where you do not need to face the hassle of recruiting, managing and training your virtual team – Unknotted Assistant will do all of that for you.

We provide you with the experience of having a professional team member that they can rely on without all the time consuming management.


Quality Work

All of our virtual team members are trained in-house to provide our clients the best service.

Quick Turn Around

Our virtual team members commit to a 24-48 Hour turnaround time for small to medium tasks.

Fast Onboarding

Our Clients do not have to wait long for their team members. Unknotted commits to providing team members as they are needed.

Our Services!

Data Entry

When you need a reliable and cost-effective addition of data entry staff, we can help. We’ll provide you with a perfect team member for any task with ease!

Executive Assistant

Do you need your business and personal projects organized and executed? Hiring an Executive Assistant is the perfect solution for businesses that want to delegate their calendar, contacts, and paperwork. They can also work on tasks related to strategic planning & research so you have the freedom to do more!

Social Media Specialist

The world of social media is changing, and it’s important for you to stay on top your game. We specialize in helping businesses build their brand presence through posts that will attract targeted audiences while appealing across demographics!

Customer Service

We’re always there to assist with any of your needs. If you want the best customer service possible, we’ll be happy to help out!

Client Management

Whether you need help on your daily business tasks or something more serious – one thing is sure: You’ll get it from us.

Content Writing

We understand the value of content, which is why we invest in experienced writers to provide you with unique, quality material for your blog, newsletter or website.

Free Yourself to Do More!